Twin Lakes State Park

Following our trip to High Bridge Trail State Park, we knew we wanted to continue exploring the local parks, especially in a slightly more shaded or cooler area. For that reason, off we headed to Twin Lakes State Park in nearby Green Bay, VA.

As its name suggests, this 548-acre park boasts two different lakes. Prince Edward Lake – the larger of the two – is home to the park’s cabin rentals and conference center, while the slightly smaller Goodwin Lake has more recreational activities and closer proximity to the park’s campground. Both lakes have trails that surround them, and there is also a trail that connects the two lakes. For more trail information, see this map.

We parked in one of the lots along Goodwin Lake with plans to hop on one of the trails, but as soon as my daughter saw all that the lake shore had to offer, our agenda quickly changed. The first place we came to was a sweet little playground.

We continued down the hill towards the lake, spotting a covered picnic area as well as dozens of individual picnic tables.

When we reached the shore, we were surprised by the crowd of sunbathers on the little beach, especially since it was a Friday afternoon in March during a global pandemic. However, people appeared to be remaining in their groups.

Wedged between the regular beach and the boat rentals was a kid’s wading area with a slide and a bunch of large floating obstacles. Since there was only one other child playing a distance away and we were relatively hot from the spike in temperature, I tied up my daughter’s dress and let her wade in to try out the equipment. She had a blast, and we had a hard time getting her back out again.

All in all, Twin Lakes State Park was a home run for us. We highly recommend it if you are ever looking for a fun place to hike and play with your kids in the Farmville area.

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